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Carlinville Christmas Market puts its cookbook on sale for the holiday shopping season

It isn’t quite the Christmas shopping season yet, but the Christmas Market folks, always in the holiday mood, want to help get it started. They have put their second cookbook – a hardbound edition entitled Holiday Traditions – on sale for the discounted price of $15, or $17.95 if mailed.

Holiday Traditions is available over the counter – with cash or check -- at Christmas Market headquarters in the Carlinville Chamber of Commerce office, the Cherry Tree on the east side of the square, and Michelle’s Pharmacy. Anyone wishing to order a cookbook and have it held or delivered by mail can call the Chamber at 217-854-2141. Checks for held or mailed cookbooks should be made out to Carlinville Christmas Market and sent to the Chamber at 112 North Side Square, Carlinville, IL 62626.

The cookbook is the second generated by the Christmas Market, the first being a general cookbook published in 2009 in honor of the festival’s 20th anniversary. That book went through several printings and was popular enough that the Carlinville Christmas Market Foundation board of directors decided to create another one in 2011, this time with a focus on recipes for the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s holidays.

Thus, Holiday Traditions was printed just more than one year ago, sold well, and is now taking the spotlight again this year.

“A cookbook is an ideal Christmas gift,” said CCMF President Doug Downey. “It’s great for helping kids learn how to cook, especially at Christmas time so they can participate in the feast-preparation process with parents or grandparents. It’s a fine gift for singles who do their own cooking and for young couples, especially newlyweds, so they have something in print to start from. And it’s one of the most popular collectibles ever; lots of moms and grandmas and even men these days like to cook and to collect – or give -- good cookbooks.

“Cookbooks are especially popular in small towns, like Carlinville and our neighboring towns. It is a symbol of harmony and community and an old-fashioned way to do social networking. For the most part, those recipes come from people we know and trust as good cooks. And how can you go wrong with a cookbook with a classic title like Holiday Traditions?”